Installed in the garden of Kunsthal Aarhus, Loser is a sound piece developed by the artist duo Bergman & Salinas, and performed by
Blueprint Choir in Portland, Oregon.

The artists gave the choir the following instructions in place of a strict musical score:
"Please improvise with the refrain of Beck's slacker hit song Loser. Play with the physicality of
the notes. Sing alone, together." This recording is the 4 th take.

The symbolic use of choral singing to metaphorically represent a collective public is long-
established. The artists chose to transpose Beck's song because the concept "loser" is the all-
important, necessary background image for the foregrounding of "winners” in the forced
competition of the markets.

Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote "You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you
want to get rich, you start a religion." It is perhaps just a coincidence that Beck is a
Scientologist as well as a popstar. L. Ron Hubbard may have been referring to the creative
economy when he said “A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by

Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
August 16-October 22, 2019